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DDebra Lauren, Bergen county yoga instructorebra Lauren - Director

Debra is an experienced and caring Yoga teacher.   Her knowledge of Yoga is expressed with  clarity and enthusiasm.  Debra's Yoga students will tell you that her love for Yoga combined with great communication skills and a desire for her students to learn Yoga makes her a very special teacher.   Yoga is about awakening, awareness reaching one's full potential.  Debra gravitated to Iyengar Yoga because of its precision to alignment, making it possible to  progress and move deeper in the asanas.   In the asanas we extend, bend, twist, invert, move and still the body.  This makes space in the body which makes space and positively affects the mind and  spirit.  In space there is freedom, in freedom there is peace, in peace there is discipline.  Yoga is a discipline, a very wonderful discipline.  and that first discipline in Yoga is "Ahimsa"  do NO harm. 

Debra Lauren founded Yoga Vita  in 1999  She is a life long student, who traveled to India to study with the Iyengars.  She currently studies and assists Yoga classes at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Greater New York where she completed a two year Teacher Training program for her Yoga Teacher Certification.

Why I  Practice:  
In my very first Yoga class I experience the most complete feeling I ever had.  
I understood what was meant by Body, Mind, Spirit  connection.  I felt a strength and calmness 
that gave me such confidence to do so much and feel so good about myself.  Creating Yoga Vita  
was one of the many accomplishments I derived from my Yoga practice. 

Why I Teach:  Two words I have heard people use to describe me ~ "enthusiastic" and "generous"
I want people to experience what my teachers guided me to experience.

I welcome you to join me at Yoga Vita

Christopheray Christopheray

comes to Yoga Vita with more than 20 years of yoga experience. He teaches from the heart with humor, clarity and compassion. He is heavily influenced by B.K.S. Iyengar, Integral Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, and the spiritual teachings of his teacher, Swami Satchidinanda.

In addition to his work as a teacher of yoga, Christopheray is an acknowledged authority in the realms of stress management and therapeutic fasting, and has taught workshops and produced instructional presentations in both fields.