About Yoga Vita

Marshall doing supported DownWard Facing Dog pose. Paula being supported by ropes and a block in DownWard Facing Dog pose Welcome to Yoga Vita...a relaxing place to practice yoga.



 Yoga is a study which uses movement, stillness, concentration and release to help you get  and stay in touch with yourself.

Some say it's a great workout, reduces the effects of stress, stretches and frees your muscles, teaches you to concentrate better throughout your day.  Others say it keeps you in touch with the inter-dependent web of existence.   Many use Yoga to help them recover from injuries and avoid future injury because of  it's balanced approach to simultaneously improves strength, flexibility,
balance and concentration.

EVERYONE CAN DO YOGA You do not have to be strong or flexible. Our method is safe, precise and progessive. Some postures are taught with the support of props as a way to learn and meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities.
Class sizes are small and comfortable. Strength, coordination, flexibility, and calmness are some of the benefits of Yoga. Classes consist of yoga asanas (postures), guided relaxation, and pranayama (yogic breathing).


"Meditation in Motion".  
 The basic poses and the order in which they are  taught  will build strength and stamina, as well as  improve muscular tone, flexibility, and alignment.  Practicing the poses reduces  tiredness and soothe the nerves.  The Yoga asanas  also train and discipline the mind so that concentration is improved.

Iyengar Yoga is designed  to be "do-able"  by everyone,  yet continues to challenge people who have practiced their whole lives.
Easy clear precise instructions  in this method insure that all student succeed from the very first class.

YOGA is an ancient and timeless art, science and philosophy that emphasizes living with awareness, integrity and compassion.  
It  involves practice of  Yoga postures and breathing exercises that affect every muscle, bone, joint and organ to improve the 
physical functioning of all the body systems.

Yoga Vita carries manduka yoga products.