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Yoga Vita 1150 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ

YOGA VITA  means  ~ Yoga ~ Union      Vita ~ Life   

Yoga Vita is an energetic and  tranquil studio to learn and enjoy yoga. 
Our vision is to make Yoga accessible to you.  We have been  in
Teaneck since 1999.
Born out of our love of Yoga we have,  with
loving kindness,  inspired, guided  and passed on  our knowledge of Yoga to all those on their  journey of Yoga. More about Yoga Vita»

Debra continues to be influenced by studying with the Iyengars (including BKS Iyengar) during her latest trip to Pune, India in 2010.
More about Debra»

Regular classes - 1 1/2 hours
Classes are ongoing; we do not go by sessions so you can start any day.

Please see Announcements for Holiday and special schedules.
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Monday 7/00 pm All Levels
Tuesday 9/00 am Beginner
Wednesday 6/15 pm
Friday 9/00 am Beginner
Saturday 9/00 am General
  10/30 am Beginner
Sunday 9/00 am All Levels

Beginner   ~  Fundamental poses taught.  No experience necessary. 
All Levels ~  Fundamental  poses refined.  intermediate poses introduced 
General    ~   for those who practice Yoga regularly!!

Never been to Yoga Vita?   Try 2 classes for $30.00.

Single Class $20.00
10-Class Pass $180.00 (10 classes @ $18.00/class)

MONTHLY UNLIMITED  CLASSES  $140.00 a month (starts any day of month to following month)

Cash and checks accepted.